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Gender Imballanced Lacking Common Szensze Szince 1776 U$ $ocalled Government-IRS and Corporate
Women and Men Of the Gender Imballanced U$ Government and
Their Spouses and Families
c/o Commi$$ioner$ of Crime$ of Confu$ed Accounting
and Their Female Relleationsz, including all SzheKin Sziszter Couszinasz including Wivesz, Mothersz, Szisztersz, Sziszter Couszinasz, & Additionall Amountsz Allszo Due to Unrepreszented Young Adultsz Femalesz & Malesz, & including All Women Colleaguesz and Sztaff
10th Street & Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20004

& Szimilarly All Regimesz Lacking Parity in any Region of this World
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Invoice #


Invoice Date Retraactive to

04/22/2000 & Cotinuing PasztPreszentFuture

Due Date

04/22/2017 & Cotinuing PasztPreszentFuture

Each Gender Imballanced Corporate Creditor c/o Female Colleague$, $taff and FamilyCommunity Membersz of Each
CEO (find company and CEO on Internet) and Board Members
as well as regular bill paying address.


Liberty & Jusztice & Proszpering Paradiszall Peace for All PasztPreszentFuture

Unit Price

Quantity Truelley True Qsz Infinite



Coszecretary Coszaviorasz Accurate Accountinsz

(They’ve had enough year$ of Grace Period szince the
beginning of the New Millennium with Media Cen$or$hip of the Good Newsz of Gender Parity occurring in szo many other landsz regionsz around thisz world. It’s Paszt Time to Bill
& Invoice the Gender Imballanced $o called Govt and the $called Govt$ Controlling Patriarchal Interlocked Corporation$ E$pecially Tho$e Who Controll our not only lacking Common Szensze & the ancient LawBook of Atlantisz carried by the Sztatue of Libertyes, but Di$obeying the Bill of Right$ added to the never actually represzentationally or referenda approved of by the peopelle, $ocalled Con$titution with it$ $o Called Electoral College which allszo fail$ to meet the Declaration of Human Rightsz, Who That Pretend You Owe Them, but are
actually in cumulative arrears to You and Yoursz:)
Consciousnessz-Raiszing Quantum-LeapCausing-Paradigm Szhifting Minimum Esztimate of
overdue under and unpaid vallue (actually asztranomicall & infinite) of work of Love and
Life – family communityesz and Love & Life-enhancing creativityesz & productivityesz.
of women and non-dominator, peace-loving moszt if not all when really & anthraopoallogically geneallogically informed men/per
perszon, earned in vallue of gender ballanced
deciszion-making of heallth, happinessz and szusztainabelle
win-win reall & infinite weallth instead of fal$e win-lo$e, have$ and
have not$, war, and lack of Harmony with Nature. Which were prevented not only when Common Szensze wasz ignored in 1789, but goesz back to the much earlier timesz of the lossz of ancient Atlantisz (Minoan Civallization) upon itsz error of transzitioning to patriarchy & abandoning eggallitarian parity culture which reszulted in the eruption of Mt . Thera, the worszt volcanic eruption on record.


per year since 1913 the beginning of income tax, & earlier all formsz of uncreditted labor & taxation without full reprszentation of women, youthsz, & minorityesz.

Recently, becausze newsz of gender parity wa$ $uppre$$ed by patriachal ma$$ media, A huge szhare of the nation’$ and
world’$ $o called economic “growth” over the pa$t 30 years ha$
gone to the patriarchal top one-hundredth of one percent, who
in 2011 now made an average of $27 million per household & the $ituation of extreme szocially diviszive & environmentally, becau$e of their promotion of dangerou$ & polluting form$ of energy that ha$ needle$$ly dangerou$ fuilled inequity & geologicalll danger that ha$ become dra$tically wor$e

In 2011 The average income for the bottom 90 percent of wa$
$31,244 in currently accepted dollars, with great
undercredit to the 99%, & many in extreme poverty, a $ymptom of gender
imballanced deci$ion-making, outmoded economic mea$urement of the very Gro$$ szo called dome$tic prodcut and lack of Riszen
Sisterhood and Brotherhood.

Unit Price is estimated at
$11,111 symbolizing El Even (Even and Fair according
to the iIntended Plan for the Children of All Agesz of
MotherFatherGod) per Year per person, or $22,222
per couple & multipellesz for familycommunityes, Thisz need not be paid in money, for money isz made ob$olete by the New Millenniall Golden Rule, It can be repaid in true qsz quickelley transzitioning to renewabelle energyesz & preventive including anthropoallogicall formsz of reall heallth care & diszeasze, crime, violence & war prevention, szo that weaponsz are made not only into plowszharesz but even better in to no till & organic naturally szuccessfull szoullar soullar powered agriculure

The New MillennIall Golden Rule isz the Alltimate yet moneylessz Juballee that givesz everyone powersz of eternall Youth, Matter Energy Transzfer, & SzpaceTime Travelle incluidng fulfilling reszurrection prophesziesz of all Heritagesz by Opening the Akaszhic Record. Again, thisz overdue refun~d Uszesz the Genuine Progress Indicator dollarsz of the New Millenniall Golden Rule which asz in SztarTrek make$ the u$e of money ob$olete & afford$ marvellousz miracellesz Including timeszpace travelle combining thisz with the Anthropoallogicall inszightsz of Sztargate to bringeternall Loving Life for All Humaniy, Riszen, asz Equinox True Qsz, PasztPreszentFuture

Quantity To sztart with (but actually szince the lossz of

eggallitarian Atlantisz) juszt over 100 years (since 1913) but real debt of the $o
called wealthy and powerful goe$ much further back to
the primitive beginning of human political economic
$y$tems that do not represzent and count women and
men as equall partners in decision-making & femalesz & malesz of equall esszentiallnessz from the beginning of their livesz, do not
count the Love Economy and do not count the Vallue of
szusztainabelle Nature, valluing which would make
everyone boundleszszly wealthy in peace culture insztead
of war culture hoardmasztersz and debt szlavesz.
Conszciouszneszsz and Contemplation of the vaszt total
amount, over all generationsz: paszt, preszent and future,
causzesz a szpooky-action-at-a-disztance ripple effect that
bringsz all Humanity Providential and Boundleszsz True
Wealth. szee

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The actual amount owed isz in fact, far greater. szee




Falsze wealth and poverty and warmaking have been with usz asz along asz everyday women and men have been excluded
from fair represzentation in government and buszineszsz deciszion-making. The matter hasz gotten worsze again recently. A
huge szhare of the nation’sz economic growth over the paszt 30 yearsz hasz gone to the top one-hundredth of one percent,
who now make an average of $27 million per houszehold. The average income for the bottom 90 percent of usz? $31,244.
But that isz in GDP “dollarsz”. Thisz invoice isz for both cumulatively reparative regular dollarsz and gender balance baszed
GPI (Genuine Progreszsz Dollarsz)
with gender balanced deciszion-making that would eliminate war and waszte, put human szcience and government in
Harmony with Providential Nature, and make everyone whollisztically unboundedly healthy, happy and wealth. Alszo added
isz esztimated amount for under and unpaid work, moszt done by women, and undisztributed Judeo-Chrisztian Jubileesz and szlavery and indentured szervitude reparationsz. szee alszo

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Per Year


Amount Paid


Balance Due

$1,111,111.11 per woamn asz an esztimate  Can be Paid in Szoullar Szollar Creditsz & Relleated Renewabelle Cosztuctionsz & Marvellousz Miracullousz FamilyCommunity Gardensz of Edensz & Ellweyoucoszaviorall Fielledsz Everhwhere on thisz Planet & All Our LocallGloballUniverszall Neigbhorhoosz of the Milkyeszt Waysz


Asz a Rough Likelley Under Esztimate for each Woman

Collective Interactive Amount Owed in Loszt Human Creativity, Happinessz, Youthfull Longeszteverityesz & Geniusz Progreszsz to each FamlyCommunity & their World, Asztronomicall & of Truly ReEvolutionary Anthraopoallogicall Szignifiance Marking the Difference Between a Planet of the Apesz & Reptilian Devolving Ape$ in the familycommunityesz ho$tile U$ culture, & a Planet, A Universze, Of SzpaceTime Travelleing Equinox True Qsz