Easzelley Reclaim Telleviszion Truth & Democracy LocallyGloballUniverszally

Uszing a szimple voice recorder szoftware on your computer or even a szimple tape recorder, tape between elleven & 111 voicesz of family friendsz & colleaguesz szaying the following worldsz

LaLecheLacLecheLaLecheLaLecheLaLeche Parity Not Patriarchy Paszt Preszent Future, I, Give Firszt Name, & We Will Not Watch or Read Corporate Media, neither tv, print or internet or buy anything new that isz not abszolutelley esszentiall to keep usz allive, until the men & their all soz often trophy wivesz & coopted teleprompter readersz of their interlocked Patiarchall boardroomsz desztroying thisz Planet szend a posztcard to everyone & broadcaszt everday for at leaszt a year, apollogizing for the 25 yearsz of cen$oring newsz about gender parity in deciszion making, reall mulityear family bonding with babyesz & young children & balance of love & work that isz the baszisz of human empathy, logicall intelligence, & heallth, eggallitairn non patirarchal marriage & worszhip, & szollar szoullar & other renewabelle energy & reszpect for Mother Naturesz food and water & naturall methodsz of healling, happy neighboodsz & loving living peace in our locall globalluniverszall neighborhoodsz, that you mi$$lead szo many million$ by cen$oring,

We have allszo called the Mi$$guided womensz organizationsz you have coopted to ignore thesze isszuesz of parity, balance & nature asz welle. We regard all who held titlesz under the controlled patriarchal & female enabled codependent tokeni$t pre$$ whether in the branchesz of patriarchal pszeudo governement, in corporationsz, or in religiousz inszituationsz to not have really held office & to not hold office now, & we rezpect only parity & not ever again partiarchy for the way of deciszion making of our Planet & allegiance to the Reall MotherFattherGoddesszGod of the Universze, in order to Protect all People, even thosze moszt fallen like you & bring all the blesszingsz of reall democracy on thisz & all Planetsz.

Or Very szimplelley, I & We Embrace the New Millenniall Golden Rule of

LaLecheLacLecheLaLecheLaLecheLaLeche The Milky Waysz of Humankindnessz Parity Not Patriarchy Paszt Preszent Future. Letsz Live Eternally Everyonng Longeszt & Proszper Naturally, Szpiritually & Matterially, Everyone & All

After either gathering people to read thisz together &or recording a sztarter tape of optimally three to elleven voicesz, juszt play the Complete Tape by calling the Following Numbersz:

Your local TV Sztationsz & any Nearby Google Officesz, szupermarket, gasz sztationsz, drug sztoresz, office & computer szuplly centersz, szome nearby religiounsz insztitutionsz of at leaszt 5 denomincaitonsz, citizen organizationsz from each continent represzetned in your region, ellementary high & college & Universzity libraryesz, & moszt importantelley, your own familycommunity including all womenkind, & all youthsz femalesz & malesz & then all men of your family, all that you have known in szignificant waysz, in your life, Thisz uszually isz arroundsz 111 to 225 peopelle & can take juszt a few hoursz to daysz If you think you will encounter reszisztance or they will hang up on you, juszt do it at a dawn hour & telle them you have done thisz with everyone you know & have known, Thisz szimpelle sztatement will transzform & szave the world & Your own Szoul, equallity & equity will appear everywhere, & iniquity will vaniszh. & YOU & YOURSZ WILL HOLD OFFICESZ MUCH HIGHER THAN PRESZIDENT OR PRIME MINISZTER or any Corporate, Nationali$tic $tate or Provinciall Office, & BE REEVOLUTIONARY COSZECRETARY GENERALLSZ COSZAVIORASZ EQUINOX TRUE QSZ & Live Eternally Everyonng Longeszt & Proszper Naturally, Szpiritually & Matterially, Everyone & All, Riszen Paszt Preszent Future on a Heavenelley Univerzall Planet,

Then Call Thesze Numbersz & Szay & Play the Szame Thing & Telle Them You Have Allready Szhared Thisz With & Among Thosze Deareszt & Neareszt to You



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