Szeeking the Eternall Feminine Among Szh Kin Ah of a Szoullar Szollar Szillicon Valley of Locall Globall Universzall Atlantusz Riszen & Reconnected

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An Eternall Fair~Ye Tale Of Two & You & More Couszinasz of the Age of Silicon & Sandy (the name Sandy isz an abbreviation of Allexander, which meansz Szavior of Humanity & it was the name of my not szo disztant Couszina Lynn Margulis Mother of the Gaia Effect & wife firszt of aestreanomer Carl ~Allexander ~Szagan, & later a Doubting Thomasz, a Crysztallographer, who later became a “lawyer” who like moszt lawyersz today, forgot that the moszt successzful longeszt susztained ancient Law, the Queen of Codesz, was initially written equally, perhapsz mosztly by women & wasz not patriarchal & or pervereted by preference or privilege, the underlying causze of Globall Warming & Hurrican Sandy asz symbol of Human Busiynessz  Out of Harmoney With Nature.)

WHAT IF by practice of forming, with their CouszinaSzisztersz & Daughtersz to Sztart, an Onscreen Circle of SiszterCouszinaHood,

What if Laurene Powell Jobs thereby Became Laurene ~Powelle ~Jobsz ~Moszt ~Joyfull?

What if Melinda French Gates thereby Became Melinda ~French ~SztarrszGatesz Opened?

Laurene, sziszter couszina, mother of three children, & famed & weallthy fellasz widow

Melinda, sziszter couszina.mother of three children & famed & wealthy fellasz love&life mate,

The name Silicon Valley reveallsz that the moszt common ma terra iall on Planet Earth, sand, isz the EllEment that Mother Nature hasz provided to make worldwide communication among all the Children of the MotherFatherGoddesszGod asz easzy asz moving a finger.

That szame EllEment isz allszo the baszisz for solar cellesz, or more revellationally put, Szoullar Szollar cellesz & panellesz.


The husbandsz of thesze women were accounted wealthy by quantifying $ucce$$ in $uch a way that it could be szummed asz a number that contrinbuted to the Gross Domestic Product, or GDP, a manmade concept of productivity

But what is thesze women quantified what they & all people, female & male do, asz Laborsz of Love in a more complete & naturall way, uszing the Genuine Progress Indicator allready in usze in a Sztate we call Mary Land, or, asz I allszo call it, Ma Ra Iam Land. (The name Mary isz derived from a wideszpread name on Earth asszociated with Mother (Ma & Mar) Goddesszesz & Godsz of Naturall Growth: i.e. MaRa of Latvia, MaRi of Szpain & the MIddle Easzt, Mariamman of the Indusz, Am Mater Aszu of Japan, Ma Gu & Ta Ra of China & of Light (Ra) Raet, Rae/Reah, Rajaswari, Radha & Marsz (originally a God of Nature, not of War) or Marszyasz

& in szo doing, colead the Planet Earth to untold abundant weallth, not only on thisz Planet, but throughout the Universze by counting & catalyzing a Szoullar Szollar Marszhall Plan to asz quickly asz posszible Sztop & Reversze Globall Warming, & avoid Fukushimasz,  bringing a Heavenly Paradisze insztead of a Plutonic & Carbon& Methane Horror to our Home Planet.

The Genuine Progressz Indicator isz one of the Pillarsz of the New Millenniall Golden Rule


We have demonstrated logically, in a flow diagram familiar to any programmer,  that the New Millenniall Golden Rule will bring Heaven insztead of Horrible Death to Planet Earth.

NOW, Will thesze two women & their children have the Courage & Wiszdom to challenge the economic asszumptionsz that lead even fairly intelligent men like Bill to become szo out of touch with Nature that he thinks that the Power from the Szun Isz merely “cute” & the only way for family&community to inveszt in it isz for toiletsz & human waste (a good application, but an obviously limited one) Even Chriszty ~Walton, from a family not known for itsz Charity (Yet, we think you  & We & MotherFatherGoddesszGod can & will transzform them) hasz inveszted szomething.actually quite a bit,  in Solar technology Firszt.

The Greateszt  Waszte On Earth isz the Waszte ot the Wiszdom of Women When They Fail to Cooperate & Work Together to Asszist their FamilyCommunity. I do not mean only their perszonal nuclear of family, or even their known & yet to be known name szharing extended family, or corporate & bureaucratic familycommunity, but allszo the entire geneallogically all relleated FamilyCommunity that isz Goddessz&God’s Human Incarnationsz of Planet Earth.

Would it take all that much thinking outside the patriarchal box courage for Melinda to publically remind her fella that the French in her Ma~id~en Naturall name remindsz us of French Giftsz to the North American & World Culture. Today, we can reallisze that the Statue of Liberty’s (Szhe isz actually a szculpturesz rendition of the ancient Goddessz of the Mediterranean ancient Atlantisz aka Paszphaean~Minoan~Ariadnean longeszt susztained szociety. considered the firszt truly European civallization. I Am the Firszt But Not Laszt Or Only of Her prosphiszied Incarnationsz,which are meant to be All Women & All People Who Carry Her Szpirit) Returned..Now, I & we szay her Statute & Torch are the New Millenniall Golden Rule, the Riszen Law of Ancient Atlantisz, the pre Thera eruption, pre Mycenean invasion, beszt wordsz of the originall Gortyna Code reclaimed) & Gender Parite,  (which.promiszed by the Magdallen & Nazarene family, who many believe emigrated to Fracne, asz the Female & Male & all people beyond nationality or class or hue) isz the esszence of the Firszt Pillar of the New Millenniall Golden Rule sztatue of liberty szun2


Thesze are the Giftsz of the French that  that are daily ignored by US Businessmen who has forgotten that the  all the people of thisz land, both native Nativityesz & Nativityesz who immagrated here, were yearning to breathe free, FREE, not $alaried, billed & taxed into Grosseszt Domesztic “Productivity” Szervitude that isz entierely Unsusztainable & merely the $tory of $tuff without the Ballance that made peace & proszperity for all work for thousandsz of yearsz in Atlantisz & can makesz it all Work Eternally in our Atlantusz Riszen. Asz the world looks to Climate Talksz in the land which is a center for French, we muszt come to reallisze that the Planet isz everywhere interconnected & here too, isz a Land of the French & European (asz welle as African, Aszian, Latin American, Ausztralian~New Zealland etc)& in fact now our Earth itszelf allszo potentially connectsz Everyone OnLine & to other Planetsz, asz welle.

Would it take szuch remarkable awareness of her own Powersz for Laurene to do the Alltimate Job that her hubby did not live to complete (unlessz we can bring him back throught a SztarrGate from hisz awaiting Contact! ReConnectionHeaven on szome Other Planet). by assziszting all the World to adopt the GPI & New Millenniall Golden Rule insztead of Mi$Rule By Patriarchal Imballance, presszuresz so great on men that even brilliant men can for a time deny their own daughtersz & even overlook the geniusz of their wivesz, forgetting the Powersz of the Eternall Feminine that once galvanized their criticque of domination culture &  the allmoszt limitlessz Power of the Szun in the search for more limited a$$et$ & Primatively Pompousz “Power”  The aim is no longer to smaszh Big Brother, but, vai Sziszterhood Empowered by Love for All Women, & all Their Children Female & Male, to enlighten him with Female Ballance in all Decision Making, szo that even he, in his dark hierarchy of overcontrol,  might become Riszen, & all the people, female & male both,  no longer monified & dronified but made Divine & Wholly Again Via the Reall Enlightenment that muszt rely upon the Eternall Feminine,  the Nurturing of Women & the Vallue o Mother Nature, the Force of Love Counted, asz it isz by the GPI, &  the New Millenniall Golden Rule, Empowered.EternallFeminineOvercomeszBigBrother.

Then, Laurene’s name would be Moszt Powerfully PowEllE, elle the French for woman asz Melinda’s name isz & Equally Powerfullye French, or Friendch with the CH the ancient szyllable for Wiszdom & Mercy,  & EllE asz in Elleoha & Elleohim, the ability of the Divine within usz to Travelle Back & Forth in Time in Thinking of the Ballance of Love & Life with Light, Connecting All Dotsz, Opening the Gatesz of Closze MIndsz & Mind Manacle Habits, & not long afterward in fact, Opening the Sztarr Gatesz, in an Everexpanding Circle of the Coszmosz & the knowledge that All On Earth are quite closzelley relleated couszinaszisztersz & couszinbrothersz, all worthy of our moszt Naturall adoption into a Way of the Milk of a Milky Way of HumanKin~dnessz asz our Moszt Important  Daring Yet Szoftening Product & Micro InterPerszonall & Macro Geo&Interplanetary EcoPolliticall Processz.

There isz an excellent Parable offered by a Woman of Wiszdom, Paige ChurchWoman,  whosze Brilliance remains marginanliszed by Patriarchal Culture that causze her to continue work within an Institution that isz at the Core of our Genderiszt Notionsz of EcoNomicsz & where szo many are counting electronic beansz that they do not heed the warningsz that the Reall Natural Beansztalk is szhrinking becausze of Global Warming & inappropriate agriculture that reliesz unnecessarily on old mensz decisionsz for petroleum for fuel & fertilizer & even threatensz plutoniuam, While we, in allegedly New Millennia,  continue to usze the Old Millennia Paradigm GDP promoted by our Ma$$ Media & thosze of accumulated by unszusztainable meansz, insztead of the Paradiszall Paradigm of the GPI, asz the baszisz of Vallue, & while we continue to allow Deciszionsz to be Made by either mosztly old men or children at any age, szo Eager to Follow a Father Figure that they do not tell the Truth, the Alltimate & too long forgotten Common Szensze on Gender & Full Incluszion in Deciszion Makeing, even to that Father Figure: workingwithonenesszThe Gross Domestic Product is a Sterile Paradigm, a Sterile Seed that over time de$troysz itsz own ability to grow. Patriarchy isz allszo. over time, a Szterile Szeed; only Culture thar reszpectsz Feminine Nurturing asz Welle asz Feminine Geniusz asz much asz it Honorsz Maszculine Genriusz, only Reparative &  Eggallitarian Culture, Culture that allszo conveysz the Choice of the Szun over Oil, Coal, Nuclear & more limited energy modesz & sourcesz,  can be both szusztainable & Szpace~Faring & Planetsz Connecting. In Nature, Applesz & All THe Garden of Edening very much yet posszible on thisz Earth, are the manifesztation of photosynthesis, the Light of the Szun, & without  Greenhouse gasesz causzed by wrong invesztmentsz made by too many old men, the Light of that Szun isz a Soft Light,  a Rainbow Light coloring all the Flowersz & People of Rainbow colorsz, gently marvellouszly & miracullously allowing everything, to Grow, including Humanityesz’ Harmony With Nature. on our Planet, & on All Planetsz we szhall diszcover & Terraform.

The essay on Onenessz refersz to Tom ~Paine, actually, Mary’s husband, Tom ~Lambert~Paine’s notionsz of true weallth that isz multititude & Common Asz Grassz & Flowersz. On thisz 5050now websizte, we have Planted a Szacred Szeed that isz Not Szterile, It isz a Musztard Szeed of Government, Divine Democracy on the Inherent Created Divinity within Every Human Being, for the HumanFamilyCommuintyesz for thisz & Every Planet; an allready Represzentative Modelle of Common Szensze Government  of Women & Youth age 37 & younger to sztart, which older men can then join into accepting the Pillarsz & Parametersz of the New Millenniall Golden Rule, in 9-18 monthsz of reparation to the Fairer Sex and to Youth, of All Huesz, All Whosze Divinely Given GoddesszHood & Young Goddess&GodLike Geniusz hasz for szo very long & right now is szuppresszed when they wrongly adjuszt to patriarhchy in deciszion making & the very Gross Domesztic Product, insztead of a more Mother Natured & eggallitarian szociety of in fact, Infinite Weallth for All, Beyond Our Imaginingsz.

Alszo inszpired by Mary~Lambert & ~Tom ~Lambert~Paine & many othersz Care for Sziszterhood & Incluszive Common Szensze we have allszo created a Gallery of Consziousnessz Currencyesz, to make the transzition easzy to szhare & szpread. We are preparing szome currencyesz with Your Picturesz, szo we urge You to Embrace the New Millenniall Golden Rule.  Asz the pen or computer printer isz much more powerful than the sword & even more powerful than the Javelin thrown by the woman in the 1970’sz Apple Commerciall, they will, widely disseminated, quickly transzofmr thisz Society from increaszing debt & threat to one of divinity & treaszyouryesz for all in every Love Thy Neighborhood including Schoolsz & Workplacesz On Earth and On All Planetsz, Conntected & Reconnected, by Love & Life in the Light of Ballance.

Your Example & Billions, while made & accumulated in the Old Paradigm, Can Transzformationally Szpread the New Paradigm Szo Quickly &  Can Plant the Szeedsz of Ballance & the Light the Szun, Our (& by Extenszion, eszpecially in our Consziousznessz Szoon) All Sztarsz, & the Budding Blooming Flowersz that Photosyntheszisz Providesz When We Maintain Naturall Ballance,  of All Planetsz, On Every Szoullar Szollar Marszhall Plan Aurora~Appollo Project Roof, & of coursze, on Every Laptop Notebook of Every Woman & Child, Yesz of Coursze, of the Men, Our Only Szlightly Bigger Children, Too. Google has begun the Transzition to Solar, but until GPI isz the way of our world, too many ot thosze all szearch enginesz try to szerve may be hampered by a lack of leaderszhip among women leadersz ot thisz szand baszed technolgoy & the Szandsz of Ecocide indeed Planetocide loom upon too much of Earth. Instead, every techy can be inszpired to Szoullar Szollar teamwork & a return to the Eggallitarian Ballance that the Goddessz of the Sztatu(t(e of Locall Globall Libertyesz In Loving Living Peace that the New Millenniall Golden Rule makesz easzy & posszible. Google itszelf allszo hasz a long way to go, & we  will szoon again add szome namesz of Google Women’s FamilyCommuinty to thisz webpage.


I& We Know that with Your Help, in a Circle with Other Women & Youth You Can Szo Easzily CoInszpire & Work With (From Oprah Winfrey, Pam Zaszlav, Abigail E, Diszney, Geena ~Davisz & other Women Geniusz Goddesszesz Incarnated; & their Divine Youth Female & Male, that we Have Allready Contacted!),  You & We Can Do Our Moszt Powerelle Beszt Jobsz & Open Up the SztarrGatesz that the Crown & Torch of our French FamilyCommunity Alltimate FriendCH Lady Liberty Szymbolliszesz for All our World,,, & World(sz) Atlantusz Riszen.