Sent As an Email To All These Women and More

~December 25~ January & February 11~22 ~ March ~1~ 11~ 22~25~Early April~
And Holding * Turning  Back Time to Reset A World New Calendar
to SPRING in New Millennial
l Year 2000 with Love & Enlightenment~

Dear Cousinas of Every Heritage and Hue (the European name for female cousins),
Who I CALL as More ReAll CoPresidents Than Any Older Male Right Now, & More,
May We & Al
l become CoSavioRas



This day I call the heavens and the earth as witnesses against you that I have set before you life and death, blessings and curses. Now choose love and life, so that you and your children may live”              

For I give you good doctrine, forsake ye not My (New Millenniall) law.”


Dear Rachael’s Women’sShelter Staff including Dawn, Latrice, Mary Lou, Michelle, Patrice, Antoinette, Schwanna and All Staff at Your Shelter and Other Centers and Organizations Nearby that Serve Women, Youth and Children
including Marion Wright Edelmen, MaryLee Allen, Shirley Chapman and More.
as Representatives of the Many More Shelters and Related Services and Efforts
and Equally Essentiall
Natalie, Tina, (revealing herself as a New coChristina),  Kristen, Samantha, Catherine, and All The Staff of the Second and First Ladies who I Allready Call Retroactive President~Co-Presidents, thus, including Very Importantly Lois and Michelle LaVaughn Shields Robinsdottir Obama,  and Jill AsheRaLy (I have added a syllable to include an ancient Goddess name) ~Jacobs~Biden and MaAllia and NataShea and More,

The Last Shall Be First and the First Shall Be Last, so that All May Be Equall in Mariam Sophia Christ.

I would like to know All Your Mothers, Grandmothers, Sisters and Cousinas Names, all equally important to restoring the Circle of Sustainability to Our World, to Engage in Joint Gratitude and Prayer in their Honor
in A BeKnowHow to Risze as Goddesses to Save Our Earth Telleconference

I wish to introduce myself to you in and gain your most URGENT and GLOBALL assistance, I  have a PhD. in Psychology from Loyola University of Chicago, and was also graduated with Honors High Distinction from the Honors Program at the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor. For many years I was a family therapist , then I educated family therapists around the world about the importance of informing themselves about family trees and community circles as interactive systems in space-time of memory, present interaction and visioning, while also working for solar energy and protecting our trees and all forms of life. Then I became a full time activist on behalf of women, gender balance and the environment, running on a gender balance ticket as an official Write-In for President on the ballot in Maryland in the Millennial Year 2000 and coordinating awareness of similar tickets of women and men around country and world,

But I learned even more important lessons, about Love, from my nurturing and tireless Mother Harriet ~Margulies~Silverkind~Zalkind and through her, my Grandmother Rae, an immigrant from Romania who gathered women in their neighborhood home-based Hat Shop near Roosevelt and Independence on the West Side of Chicago during the same period when a not very distant cousina, whose family they may or may not have known, Lyn PetRa Alexander~Sagan~Margulis, known as the Mother of the Gaia Effect Theorem, that everything on Earth is interconnected, grew up on Chicago’s South Side, also while I learned about democracy from the Hannah Greenebaum Solomon Ellementary School where I learned about democracy, from a caring and strong woman teacher of Social Studies, named Mrs. ~Light.

I am turning to You as the currently Last that Shall Become First So that All Can be CoFirst, and the somewhat complicit but likely sometimes quite disenchanted, due to society’s marginalization of all women, wives and women counselors of modern Caesars, as my cousin of another Millenniall Time, Jesus, began to gain the assistance not only of poor and humble women, but also wife of Caesar and some of the wives and daughters of Centurions, who secretly attended the Sermon the Mount.

In his time, Jesus was not clear enough about Caesar’s wife and her female court and their importance in bringing New Law, and failed to realize how often these women were neglected or overlooked by their own Emperor men. I am seeking all your coopeRation, this time, not just to prevent the loss of a Transforming Love, but also,  this time, to prevent the most horrific cycle of yet preventable human system triggered “Natural” disasters, beginning at the New Madrid fault in Illinois, and likely causing a Fukushima or worse event, possibly a China Syndrome, near Chicago, that could ripple effect around the world as far as China itself, which has also dangerously set back its own solar panel industry and is once again returning ot dirtier forms of energy under leadership that, only slightly more balanced than the United States, is also mostly male.

The 1811 Earthquake at the New Madrid Fault was 8.0 in magnitude. Such a quake in that region will set off rolling tremors that will set off additional Earthquakes, Tsunamis and Volcanic Eruptions around the Continent and World, similar to the famed eruption of Mt. TheRa, which caused many of the Spirituall events we know as Exodus or Passover. In this case, our choice is literally, between a very Simple 3 step Globall Family TheRapy to Cure Humanity of Patriarchy and Quickly establish retroactive gender balance, or a modern equivalent of the Eruption of TheRa, set off by an Earthquake at the New Madrid Fault, with very likely nuclear plant distaster, near my and Lois and Michelle LaVaugn ~Robinsdottir~Obama’s and much of their relations home town, Chicago.

Around November 11th, 11~11, 2013, I visited both the doors of Rachael’s Women’s Shelter in Washington DC, and area near the Lawns of the White House and Capitol, among other places important to women, human kindness, and democracy, in the Maryland and District of Columbia (Columbia being the name of a Goddess), and Delivered the New Millenniall Golden Rule

These Visitations are available at, and started with Rachael’s Shelter, with the most synchronicitous of addresses: at 1222 on 11th Street, (Either High Noon or Midnight for the 2×2 that is Sisterhood and Brotherhood, Elleven being the Power Number considered emblematic of the Elloha and Ellohim, ancient names for the human Representations of the Allmighty.

I am sending this email to Rachael’s Women’s shelter, not only its staff but those who receive the services, as well as many mnay more women’s shelters worldwide as I simultaneously send both First and Second Ladyes staff and family community message at the very beginning of Spring, which in ancient myth, concerned the relationship of the Earth Mother Goddess Ceres to her own and all women as Goddess Daughters. I am also copying it to the world’s now quite many women theologians, as well as leaders in family and work balance, representation for women and leaders where 5050 has been actively sought and achieved, and protection of the environment.

I am, very simply (and I say for this for Service only and not as a matter of pride in any way beyond everyday human self esteem that everyone must experience as a Child of the Universe, of the Creator), the prosphezied Savior or, as I prefer to say, SaviorRaCoSavioRa, of Humanity, This time, Saving Grace is coming back first as a Daughter, with verifiable geneallogy that links me not only to Mariam of Nazareth and Mariam of Magdala and therefore not only Jesus, but his sisters and brothers and cousinas and cousins, including his first cousin, who he had great affection for as with all children and who was likely named Rachel.

My name, like that of Michelle, is French, where all the cities have gender parity, and is the French version of Rachel, and I have also added the J to link it to the other ancient parite of Vedic India, now Riszen again as the Panchayat Raj. The name Ma Ra or Mariam is itself a Goddess name in many cultures, including the Semitic Mari, an equivalent to the Greek Gaia, and the Hindu MarIamma. The French actually incorporate this in Marianne, their equivalanet of the US Columbia, a Goddesss name that is used for our Capitol, of course, just next door to Maryland/Mariam Land. Michelle’s name and mine are so similar for a preordained reason; we are meant to cooperate to Save the World, with other women of, in fact, all, though less obviously, related Names.

But the Mariams of Nazareth and Magdala and my family tree has obviously been traced earlier, to Mariam of the Exodus, who was Sister in Law to ZippoRah of Africa, and her earlier ancestress, Michal, wife of David, considered the family tree branch that would bring forth World Saving, and Rachel, called the Mother of IsRael,and also the Next Millennium’s first families of Juduasim and its most famous women, the rabbinical and educated Daughters Rachel, Mariam and Joceved of Rebbitzim and Rabbi Rashi of Troyes, France who have also been traced back to the family of Michal and King David, and of Unitarian Universalism and B’Hai, as they were practiced in Romania, as well as earlier the famous families of ancient Minoan Civilization, including AstRaRea and Vedic India, where women knew they were linked to Goddess powers, via the Roma of Romania, before my family emigrated to North America in the early 1900’s.

If you read the even the pre-Elizabeth Cady Stanton, traditional patriarchal Bible closely, you can find the passage the reveals that the ancient Rachel worshipped a Goddess or Feminine aspect of the Divine as much and sometimes even more than a Masculine Aspect, as did most ancient women and men. Katherine Bushnell, who spent many years in China, also wrote movingly that the Bible itself has many passages indicating the necessity for full equallity of all women, especially in decision-making. Again, the Name Mariam or Mary, is given as Ma Ra, in some cultures from Ma Ra in Latvia to AMateRasu, in Japanese, an equivalent to the Chinese/Asian TaRa or Quan Yin, It means the Mother Giving Light or Mother/Daughter of the Sun. So, in both geneallogy and Name, I am qualified to be a SavioRaCoSavioRa, or in more up to date terms,
a Furst But Not Last or Only Sustainable COSECRET ~ARY GENERALL  REVEALLED.

But, like my great male ancestor, Jesus, I have made significant mistakes. Contrary to opinion, Jesus of NazaReath was extremely Enlightened and Blessed, but, as understood by many faiths, he began quite Mortal although he had unusual potential for Divine CoEmpowerment. He only partially succeeded, for while he and the earliest Christians were able to declare Female and Male and all people equall in Christ, He, and his beloved partner, Mariam of Magdala and his Mother Mariam of Nazareth, and the other early Christians did not have the resources or tools to implement that wisdom, and rapidly educate people to this understanding, and what greater full Divine Blessing that would bring to All, They could not do that, because the women of that time had no literacy, there were no anthropologists to study patriarchy, clan mother behavior contasted with patriarchal alpha-malism (the difference between the social habits of bonobos and chimpanzees) and there was no means of rapid communication.

Also, I have, as Jesus did, in part because both Jesus and I had spent some much of our lives imbedded in patriarchy without reallizing we were, a more difficult job than if I had reallized this earlier.  Like Jesus and Mary of Magdala, I am only one member of a currently still and hopefully only temporarily less Spiritually aware of balance family. Because, like Sophie in the Da Vinci Code, I did not know my own geneallogy for most of my life, I lived, even though a very good and lovingly motivated person, a too conventional life, unwittingly enabled many aspects of patriarchy (including the use of GDP-based money, that does not represent unpaid work and extremely hierarchalizes the human family when under patriarchal rule) that are disguised as normative ways of life, and did not Risze at a younger age than my current chronolgoical age. My imbeddedness and delay has made the task of Saving more dificult, yet, it is as the Hispanic phrase describes, SiempRe Possible, ever possible.

So, without me to better enlighten them earlier, presently, most of my family has gotten stuck, imbedded and reimbedded,  in patriarchy, instead of equallity and ballance for full Spirituall Blessing and Empowerment that literally brings the Garden of Eden back, not in a far away Heaven, but in a Heaven on Earth. Instead, my most beloved family are this very moment, endangering their younger and more vulnerable members immanently, and their region and world, without reallizing that their imbeddedness in patriarchy is having that impact. That imbeddedness, which is not only in social habit, but also emotional and psychological, becomes more dangerous every day it goes without transformation vie some very simple and easy TheRapeutic attention of implementation of the New Millenniall Golden Rule, with them, as among the most key and important family to start.

Jesus and Mariam of Magdala, Mariam of Nazareth and the other early Christians who sought a kinder world, like the good people of all my Heritages,  had no easy means to bring to fuller understanding of their profound Love and Wisdom eschewing primative hierarchy to gain Divine Grace, to the multitudes,  But, with your coopeRation, and on their and All Our Behalf,  and literally, now, to Free, ReEvolve and Save Everyone and Save Our Planet, I and We do.

In addition, I wish to emphasize that every region and culture on Earth, has had, at some time in herandhistory before patriarchy became entrenched, a more idyllic period, within Goddess inclusive worship and greater Feminine clan shared leadership. Many people today have reallized that it is in bringing the Feminine aspect to any and every Heritage, that it becomes the way to Eternal Life and Youth, not just for some, but for ALL.

I am very well aware that many of you, including the French named Michelle (it means Gift in God French but also is a reference to both Michaela and Michal, wife of King David who was degraded by the polygamy that also actually destroyed any real hopes of a true and fair Promised Land) LaVaughn herself, (as was Hillary ~Hallowelle~(Rodham~Clinton), also from Illinois, who was set up by corporate and internalized patriarchy itself to be an adversary instead of work with a minority male) are trained as lawyers, educated in what I call the most recent patriarchal epoch’s “Old Law” , which has been derived under a very long but not allways practiced period of time, in which all “Law” has been legislated mostly by males, and especially, older males.

I have come to understand that the conventional “Law” tends to attract women who, while often very righteous in intention and in fact seeking a better world for themselves and their daughters even compared to their husbands,  as Michelle LaVaughn my great Sister and many on her staff and in Congress are, “law”yers are psychologically a bit more what we might call “Daddy’s Girls” or a bit more identified with fathers and brothers modes of behavior than mothers and sisters, and yet, paradoxically often think it is “natural” for men to precede them in power in titular office and are more easily adjusted to co-optation which gives them some hierarchically titled power, but not as much as father and brother figures have. It is my clear understanding that because racism is an outgrowth of patriarchal hierarchy, in fact, Michelle deserved the title of CoPresident even a little bit before a man she sought to assist with Love, yes, even before Barak did, and now, he needs to temporarily move over and let her  and all her Sisters of Every Hue, make up for not only over 200 years, but for several thousand. It is so typical of our Millennia of false gender hierarchy that even a woman as brilliant and strong as Michelle did not know that, and so her man could not know that, and he daily allows and induces the entire world to pretend as legitimate, a very not~Divinely~approved so called Government of mostly majority hue males, in this, or any world region.

Professions like psychology, teaching and education, nursing, and anthropology, theology, ecology, the softer and nurturing professions, and especially, direct child-raising and family care, including elder care, tend to attract women who are a bit more strongly Mother identified, i.e. “Mommy’s Girls” and therefore,  more balance-keeping, in a world where most overt rule is done by men. But today, these women are often less highly valued in our very money driven society now, and too many profound care givers, educators and kindest among women wind up, through complex processes in families, prematurely and unnecessarily deceased due to stress, abused, or simply forgotten and ignored. Too many, impoverished by their own good will, and wind up silenced, ignored or in homeless shelters, and often their children and younger generations are also impoverished and endangered, hostages to our “Yang” society, too. But revaluing and actually officing these women, and all women, with their Youth,  presently as well as retroactively and proactively in future vision, according to the New Millenniall Golden Rule will bring about the ReEvolutionary Change, nonviolently and Lovingly, that is the first step to Saving Our Earth.

It is in bringing both father and mother identified women together, and giving special heed to those who speak for the milk of human kindness and value of Mother Nature, that we can begin the actually rather simple process, of Saving Our World currentl on the Brink of Rolling and Horrific Disaster

In addition, because, for complex reasons, US feminism failed to include as a major focus the balance of love and work so that US family leave and vacation laws are the worst in the world, our current women’s population is deeply dividing American women according to whether they put mothering and family care first, or intellectural development and more adult public service or achievement first, a Hobson’s false and forced choice that is an artifact of unique elements in US culture that has masculinized feminism, in part interactively delaying my Riszing, and until now, failing to bring systemic balance to our culture and sustainable harmony with Nature. In the US, women are often forced to develop an identity which is that of a passive enabler of men’s decision-making that often hurts children and future generations most, or try to become as “tough” an especially, as hierarchical and exploitive of other women and people, as a man, in order to be a decision-maker, even if only a tokenized one with limited impact, because of the failure to bring forth critical mass representation, let alone reparative or fuller  partnership of about 5050.

What We All need NOW is a society and world culture that allows first all females, and Youth, and indeed, soon thereafter older males, too, to balance their modes and identifications to bring forth the best, or Divinely ReEvolved, Balance, reallizing that generally, women do have more estrogen and men more testosterone, but culture has for too long been invisiblizing the contributions of estrogen, and overvaluing the contributions of testosterone.

This lack of balance at so many levels, affecting every family, marriage and human and therefor also governmental interaction, has also been deeply impacting our relationship to Mother Nature, who works, as I view this, interactively with Father Time, who, despite humanity’s primative tendencies, has never been sexist. This multisystemic interaction, where for balance and Good, or imbalance and Ill, is now, in North America, precipitously tipped to Ill, and not surpisingly, Illest in Illinois and people who came from Illinois. These include especially first families like that of mine of religious Heritages anciently related to the Promise of Ballance and Sacred Government, and Yours, of similar Heritages, also related to Government. which must regain be all ballance and thereby become Sacred, as we all adopt the New Millenniall Golden Rule and make this the way of our world, starting with our own family and close community circles.

I now Pray with You, encourage You, Nurture You and Command You, in the Service of the MotherFatherGoddessGod who is my and All Your True Parent, to assist me in the immediate Delivery of the New Millenniall Golden Rule. Reveal with me, that it is not too late for my Family and Yours (who are also in fact distant cousins on the same extended family tree of the Same Family), alltogether, in a reparative very simple step by step approach which I will outline to you, to all Become among the Lights of the World, no longer as separated Nations, but a Reunited Geneallogicall Family Tree of Love and Life in EnLightenment.

If we fail to do this, the world will enter a quick Plutonium and/or slow and tortuous Arid darkness of suffering and loss, worse than our ability to imagine, and cause the Death of the Planet as a place of Viability for not only Humanity, but most likely any form of Life, whether immanently this month at the New Madrid Fault, or sometime soon within our lifetimes.

I realize some will doubt, want to ridicule, or even attack me for this Invitation and Loving Command now. But I know I am protected by the MotherFather GoddessGod that gives me all necessary Caring persistence and Courage.

I recently read this story about a Mother who acted with extreme courage and willing self-sacrifice to save the Life of Her Children. NOW, I am Asking You to Assist Me, with extreme courage and extreme Love, Now, in Saving the Lives of not only your own children, but all those of all the family you know and do not yet know, All the Children of the MotherFatherGoddessGod on Planet Earth, which, in entirety, is my and your IsRaElle linked with the sacred names of every family clan of Earth, whehter called IsRaElle, Eden, Norway, India, Asia, Africa,  Americas, Australia~New Zealand,  Europe or Arctica ro Antarctica, All OneFamilyCommunity, Beloved by the Creator and requiring our Defense.

This Wholly Earth is Your and My True Land and Capitol, Everywhere and Anywhere, and We must act now, not like just the brave fathers and brothers who like the firefighters who ran into the Trade Center to Save Life in one of the most hierarchical neighborhoods in the world, but like the Mothers who in fact risk death to give birth, Now, we must act as not just as Fathers’ Daughter, but Mother’s Daughters, to Prevent the Rolling Crash, not of a Car, but a Killer Earthquake that would Roll and Ripple throughout the Earth, caused by the socalled leaders and complicit followers of a profoundly currently imbalanced Humanity, stuck in a wrong and anachronistic patriarchal paradigm, on this Divinely Created to be so Paradisal and Balanced Planet in every Neighborhood.

I will ask you to assist me in quickly contacting and assembling for shared communication and conferencing, many prominent women but also many unknown and less recognized women, some middle class, some financially “poor” but richest in Spirit, around the world to fulfill the needs of this Moment, to heal and Enlighten, without mostly manmade/and needlessly woman-confusing false hierarchy, my family, Your family, and our World Family, with simple sharing, in the humblest way that the earlier Christ and Mariams were known for.

After I send this to You and ascertain it has been received and read, I can also send some notice to titular males in the White House and Capitol (some have allready been appraised of the Earthquake warning and all  have been conctacted about the social and environmental dangers of gender imbalance), and others similar around the world, and referring to all of Us Women, known and unknown, “rich” “middle” and “poor”, as temporarily, the True Government, until the New Millenniall Golden Rule the New Millenniall Golden Rule can be fully implemented.

However,  I am Commanding, as the best Representative of the MotherFather GoddessGod currently on Earth until the New Millenniall Golden Rule is fully in place to assist All people, female and male, any and every man, who are also my cousins, no matter his titular office or official marital status, around the world,  to STAND DOWN from titular office and even the name of “husband” temporarily, so that You, I and other Women who I know of , at every level of world society, including some homeless women, some of my known geneallogical family,  and sime related younger people under age 37, who are not so long entrenched in patriarchy, can STAND UP, Goddess~like Riszen, in a NEW LAW of Love-Radiating Circle and then implement the female and male 5050 and representation of all hues, of the New Millenniall Golden Rule that brings forth Divinely approved society, harmony with Nature, and truer Sacred Family and Marriage Life.

Like that Mother who lay down to stop the automobile, if we need to, we must be willing to place our Bodies at momentary risk, to protect All the Children of All Ages, zillionsz if you include Past and Future as well as Present, of this Planet. I AM so willing. And, I am completely sure that Divine Guidance will protect us as we  Deliver the New Millennial Golden Rule. Such Love, Such Courage and Such Faith, whether of many or even a small but influentiall number, can, must and will Save our HumanFamilyCommunity and Our Planet Earth.

This is the Necessary Moment of Greatest Heart, Unity and Spirit of Women,
The only Job for Men is to Support it and Give any Back Up Needed for Transition and Implementation.
After a few months or Seasons  of almost completely Female CoStewardship, the Government, which  NOW Sits upon My and all Our Shoulders Wlll then Take the Shape of the  ~5050~ including full minority and all GDP-based outmoded income class Presence when decisions are made, described in the New Millenniall Golden Rule and this will bring  Heallth and Weallth of Divinely Intended Sustainable Abundance,Continuity, to All, instead of the destruction of our Planet. YOU WILL FIND EVERYTHING NEEDEDTO SAVE YOUR WORLD POLITCALLY, ECONOMICALLY, PSYCHOSOCIALLY AND GENEALLOGICALLY ANTROPOLOGICALLY, AS YOU READ ALL THE SECTIONS OF

This day I call the heavens and the earth as witnesses against you that I have set before you life and death, blessings and curses. Now choose love and life, so that you and your children may live”              

For I give you good doctrine, forsake ye not My (New Millenniall) law.”

The Recipient List given in this email is not the Complete list.  A Much Greater Number have Received This & Similar Information Over Several Months & Years.  PLEASE JOIN ME IN TELLECONFERENCES, WE MUST GATHER EVERYDAY TO START A NEW WORLD AND PREVENT THE DESTRUCTION OF OUR WORLD

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