Especially for Women: Are You Declaring 5050NOW, or are You A Dangerous Woman?

Dangerous Women (Why Some Women Endanger the World – including themselves – by Hesitating to Enact their Gender’s Overdue 5050)
Viewpoints of Progressive and Independent Women (and Men)

A Section of the Whole Reality, Dangerous Men, Dangerous Women, how both Men and Women perpetuate Patriarchy instead of Gender Balance, now causing Immanent Danger to Planet Earth

Many places on Earth already have 5050, protecting women, children and famlies, justice, the environment and peace on planet already endangered by millennia of domination culture.   The world will very soon self destruct without it. Why do not only some men, but some women so dangerously hesitate and fail to speak up for it?

“Patriarchy has no gender.”
– Bell Hooks, Teaching Critical Thinking: Practical Wisdom

Patriarchy is not men. Patriarchy is a system in which both women and men participate. It privileges, inter alia, the interests of boys and men over the bodily integrity, autonomy, and dignity of girls and women. It is subtle, insidious, and never more dangerous than when women passionately deny that they themselves are engaging in it. – Ashley Judd

There is a companion webpage to this one, called Dangerous Men,

In large part, many, way too many men perpetuate patriarchy, while enjoying the upside (there is a terrible downside as well, for men) the dominance of their own gender, by simply mindlessly ignoring the issues of women, and leaving it “up to the women” to fix them on their own. A few “powerful men”, CEOs and politicians, are deliberately selectively ignoring women’s situation and exploiting women’s needs and issues willfully, and coopting women to teach other women to ignore many of their own issues to while “granting” them superficial marginal progress and respect that conceals deep disrespect and domination/hierarchy underneath. Both of these behaviors of men have a devastating effect on women, and have ripple effect which result in great injustices of men toward each other, toward children and toward the Planet Earth, which we have written about in an essay for men that addresses their situation in this. The situation of the genders is very interactive, both within each gender and between the genders. In this section, however, we will focus on women themselves, and what is going on with American women that has stalled their own progress, and made them their nation and their world so vulnerable to and tolerant of the most dominating and seductively destructive of men in its political “leadership, especially in not just one, but both major parties.

US “Leaders” and “Followers” with Various Levels of (Terminal?) Internalized Primative Patriarchy

The following women have become dangerous to themselves and others – their whole world, and here is what women must find the strength to do about them:
Women Must Never Call Ann Romney First Lady and Never Call Her Husband President
Women Must Stop Calling Jill Jacobs Biden Second Lady and Joe Biden Vice-President and insist Joe Resign NOW in Favor of a Woman. instead of running for reelection
Women Must insist that Hillary Hallowell Rodham Clinton, Michelle Shields Robinson Obama, Jill Jacobs Biden, Dianne Feinstein, Barbara Boxer, Mary Landrieu, Barbara Mikulski, Debbie Stabenow, Amy Klobuchar, Claire McCaskill, Claire McCaskill, Kirsten Gillibrand. Kay Hagan, Kay Bailey Hutchison,Patty Murray, Maria Cantwell, Lisa Murkowski, Susan Collins, Kelly Ayotte, Kay Bailey Hutchison, Nancy Pelosi, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, Nancy Pelosi and Jan Shakowsky (head of Congressional Women”s Caucus), and media once leaders who have lost touch – Oprah, Barbara Walters, Whoopi Goldberg, Christiane Amanpour, Diane Sawyer, and way too many others, either publically demand gender parity and a woman on the ticket NOW and REvolutionarily transform the “election” NOW. optimally during or immediately after the Democratic Convention, postpone the election which their endorsed candidate is surely going to lose without a woman on the ticket, or decide to understand why we must call them Presidents Emeritus and insist they take a Sabbatical from public life and use the rest time to read or reread both the Chalice and the Blade and If Women Counted (see below), while we boycott “the election” and demand the 86% patriarchal male Congress resign,’which in the 92nd year since women were “granted ” the vote. ranks 92nd in the world in representation of women, to be replaced by an at least gender 5050 Congress and an Chief-Executive that includes at least one woman. Women must tell Stephanie Shriock (Emily’s List), Terry O’Neill, Bonnie Grabenhofer (NOW), Nancy Keenan. (NARAL), Cecile Richards, Cecilia Guthrie Boone (Planned Parenthood) and possibly other officers of many women’s organizations to take a Sabbatical starting immediately call themselves retired or on Sabbatical “Presidents Emeritus, but ignore their premature and women’s power-undermining endorsement advice on the “election”, because it is causing a regression that is a deep slide back into patriarchy instead of gender balance of parity and Immanently Endangers not only women’s progress, but family life, the economy, peace, and the Earth. Althougn they will not get enough votes to win, Jill Stein and Cheri Honkala and particularly Roseanne Barr and Cindy Sheehan are standing up as women. Hillary Clinton and her party crippled herself into bait and switch that betrayed millions of supporters female and male /delayed her into not 2016 but never, and gave no insistence on any other Democratic woman instead of the man as usual, if she was not able. As Secretary of State with enormous clout, she nevertheless endorsed a Cabinet without the balance that many European countries have. The result is certain disaster for Obama. He simply will not win as a lone male, with no public commitment to full women’s representation, which is urgently needed to save the economy for the middle and lower classes, and save the Earth.

Currently, American women must look to Europe and Africa for politically officed and major organizational role models on gender partnership and elections. These women have set timely goals, on representation, and on family/work balance (family leave) and on other issues, that have already been substantially achieved. It has now become imperative for US Women, lead by progressives and Independents who see that the Democratic Party is failing, to Publically Demand Gender Parity NOW and Think for Themselves, instead of acting like female primatives or lemmings, following both dominant men and dominant but tokenized and complacent-in-the-face of immanent threat women over the ultimate cliff for the fall from which the Planet will never recover.

But Several REvolutionary Declarations wrought by Women of the Occupy Movement, encouraged by several men, Declared on and Around July 4th, have shortened the horizon to gender parity for Americans to 2013. which is needed now, or the great environmental and economic crash will begin, and by 2020, all women will have is the most helpless regrets over what they failed to do sooner..

But, (if they weren’t covertly infiltrated by a process in which powerful men prescreened women candidates/officeholders/top leaders of organizations, to pick women who would never completely untie the shackles of patriarchy/male domination instead of equal partnership, and would deliberately lead other women not to do so, and we are not a conspiracy theorist here, but that is possible) what psychological processes have caused the failure of so many US women’s organizations to lead the way European, Latin American and African women have, and to allow them to fall from a rank of 50th in 2000 (already way behind) to a rank of 92, to occur in the first place?

There is a psychological phenomenon called selective inattention: selective inattention, the screening out of unwanted stimuli, particularly the part of a message the listener does not want to hear.

There is another stronger word for it:
denial Etymology: L, denegare, to negate
1 refusal or restriction of something requested, claimed, or needed, often causing physical or emotional deficiency 2 an unconscious defense mechanism in which emotional conflict and anxiety are avoided by refusal to acknowledge those thoughts, feelings, desires, impulses, or facts that are consciously intolerable.

Relevant HerandHistory:
In the year 1984, the US was given the choice of a ticket with a man and woman (Walter Mondale and Geraldine Ferraro and a ticket of two men (Ronald Reagan\par and George Bush Sr, and they chose, including many women, the ticket of the two men. Since then, it has lost much of its middle class.
In 1987, Riane Eisler wrote The Chalice and The Blade: Our History, Our Future, hailed by anthropologist Ashley Montagu as “the most important book since Darwin’s Origin of Species.” Though it sold over over 200,000 copies in 4 years, and advocates a culture of gender partnership Riane Eisler has never been interviewed on “major television”, not even by Oprah, and the majority of Americans, including women, never heard of her

In 1988, Marilyn Waring wrote “If Women Counted” The book argues that mainstream economics does not account for women’s work, nor for the value of nature. The book made a significant contribution by making the analysis of this topic known to a large audience. But she has never been interviewed on US TV and most Americans have never heard of her.
In the year 1988, the United States had only a token number of women in the Congress, while Sweden was already at about 35% Sweden’s government, where all parties voluntarily enforce 5050 zipper tickets on their election tickets, is now 47%-52% female, while the US is at 16%.

In the year 2000, the US was given choices of tickets with a woman and a man: Ralph Nader and Winona Laduke of the Green Party , Rachelle OneFamily Miller and Hjalmer Wayne Erickson of the We All Win Campaign as Write-ins, and many other women ran as Write-Ins.

Totally uninformed by media about the UN Beijing Guidelines for Women and ignoring the fact that Canada and other countries had had women Executives by then, Americans chose a ticket with two men, Al Gore and Joseph Lieberman, but more men, on the Supreme Court, chose other men, George Bush and Dick Cheney, and other men, like Bill Clinton and Joseph Biden, their wives, including Hillary, the women of the Senate, who would not honor the gender balanced black caucus’ objection, and CEOs of American Media induced most of 300 million Americans to accept this decision, giving them 8 years of an in fact unelected President and Vice-President.
In 2004, Carol Mosely Braun ran for President in the Primary, but received no support from Hillary Clinton and other prominent Democratic women, let alone men, including Barack Obama, who took her seat in the Senate, leaving minority women with no US Senator, with no Democratic Party comment on that. Again, a ticket of rwo men Kerry and unfaithful husband Edwards were chosen, and they actually won the “election”, as Gore and Lieberman won in 2000. But under a politics with women’s ethical judgement marginalized, it is generally the bigger better bully who “wins”, so Bush-Cheney were deemed the “winners” by Corporate Media.
Recently, the embarrassing and shameful truth began to come out.

The proposed 2012 election will still leave American women with about 16% women in office, if all the women running “win” in this 1% money driven auction. This will leave American women (and fair men) with less gender balance than Afghanistan, Iraq and the United Arab Emirates. If this “election” is deemed valid there will again be an 86% male Congress, with even worse percentages in many States, only 6 women Goverrnors, and plenty Republicans elected to overturn and undermine abortion laws in most States, no matter which Presidential candidate is chosen. In addition, if the public legitimizes this election, the roster of mostly men will continue to ignore family leave, attack abortion rights, maintain or increase the military budget enflaming nuclear proliferation and the likelihood of a nuclear attack by North Korea or Iran become insane due to their own gender imbalances, continue to give huge tax breaks to the mostly wealthy, continue to allow Dow Jones CEOs to earn 550-2500 times what the average man (let alone woman whose work at home is completely uncreditted) earns and will continue to use the GDP (Gross Domestic Product) instead of the GPI (Genuine Progress Indicator), which values work at home and Nature, and will undertake the Keystone Pipeline and continue genetic engineering of crops, which is already killing bees and butterflies, against the objection of every major environmental group, and turn every Internet post into the object of surveillance and interception, foreclose on, make homeless and incarcerate millions of Americans, while loading the Internet with even more pop-up ads and audio intrusions.This brew will simply destroy any balance in social civilization, the environment, the economy and peace. It will, in our own lifetimes (let alone our children), destroy the Earth.

Most American women are literate. Most know how to use a search engine on the Internet. What are the psychological and sociological factors of internalized patrriachy that make millions of American women unable to find, induce and compel them to accept an “election” that poses such obvious and overwhelming threat

About Interactively, Internalized and Externally Maintained Patriarchy:

Passive Internalized Patriarchy and the Unconscious and Overwhelming need for a Father Figures
Many American women grow up in homes where their fathers are so busy working and entertaining themselves with sports in their free time, that they have little time to spend with children, especially daughters. Other women are children of divorce, and separated from their fathers. These women grow up father-hungry, and too willing to follow men who they perceive as “powerful” and are unable to hold men accountable for misdeeds, which these women perpetually overlook, at great ‘destruction to their own empowerment and self-esteem. They are willing, like NARAL,which endorsed Obama over Hillary Clinton, and now, NOW (who clearly have betrayed their own name, passively tolerating the US rank of 92nd in representation for women) and too many other single issue obsessed groups, (usually pro or anti abortion/reproduction, condoms vs abstinence), willing to endorse Obama-BIden, or Romney-Ryan.They do so without holding these men accountable for even talking about 5050 (which would allow sound compromises on abortion, where the majority of women who are pro-choice but pro not treating women as sexual objects, too would prevail) amidst alarmingly frequent bankruptcies and poverty among women, all to follow political men who easily seduce them with pandering, promises, and a few “victories” like “fighting for” abortion rights in a male decision-making context, instead of 5050, which would better protect abortion as well as the right to a surviving and just world . These once thought leading and feminist women are acting like sheep following bull Rams. They don’t seem to realize that the failure to focus on the overdue 5050 now is giving men, especially men in power, a confusing message: that women themselves think they are incapable of, not ready for, and don’t want equal leadership NOW! Millions of American women and billions worldwide will beg to differ with this covert message). Instead of replacing Biden with a woman and getting 5050, these coopted, manipulable women are practicing selective inattention and denial about the unacceptability of 16% women in Congress and no female in the Executive. Similarly in the case of Republican women like Ann Romney, she is willing to accept a materially comfortable and overindulged life for herself and her sons (apparently her body, which developed MS, could not produce any daughters), but ignoring representation that would give all other women and their children a fairer material life, and sustainable earth as well. She practices a religion which does not ordain women, but her real religion is patriarchy/oligarchy, which requires selective inattention and denial so that Ann Romney can cope with her own life adjustment, which may be a stress factor in her getting MS.

Problems in their Relationship to their Own Mothers that make them either reject/overidealize Titular Organizational Heads and Tokens Because we have been and are still living in patriarchy instead of balance, many mothers are perceived by children to be less powerful, and therefore, less desirable as role models, than men. Some women have overintense and conflictual relationships with their mothers, in part because their fathers were either absentee emotionally, or undermined their mother’s authority. Nevertheless, children need and love their Mothers. Women who regard women as second to men, choose women or become women “leaders” who regard most women as second to men; women who are willing to fight for a few causes or a few women, but generally accept and retain a secondary status. As Paula Xanthapoulou has written in her book and blog, Stephanie Shriock of Emily’s List, who expends millions to raise money for less than 16%, a token handful, and never publically demands 5050, is a good example. In fact the whole organizational separations of women who fight for abortion rights, women’s rights to paid work but selectively don’t attend to the value of unpaid work, child and family leave and Mother Nature, women who work for peace but not equal representation, women who work for the environment but do not insist on equal representation, women who select a few goals, but not all these goals at once, are examples of this millennially induced “settling” for second class status, as well. N.O.W. an organization that has made a mockery of its name by letting “powerful” men delay their limited goals since the 1980’s, for example, has never asked for 5050, and only occasionally pushes for marginal family leave, but never at the 2-3 year level of what is already available in 178 countries, especially Europe’s. women. Shriock and NOW defensively ignore any honest criticism from women, and practice selective inattention and denial. Yet, millions of American women rely on these organizations websites to provide/filter their information about women and politics, much like the milllion who passively rely on TV for all their information. Way to many of these websites fail to even mention that the US is ranked 92nd, and provide no link to

Co-Optation/Aggressive Prominent Enabling: Gaining Token Level Status among Men While While Disempowering Most Women
Hillary Hallowell Rodham Clinton suffers from this, too, but at a more intense level. She received so many votes she could easily have demanded the Vice/Co Presidency,’but instead she demurred and actively promoted Biden instead of herself or any other woman, in the same mindset that once made her work for Barry Goldwater. Instead, she took the role of Secretary of State, for which she received much respect and a high salary, but she never talks about 5050 or even the UN Beijing Guideline for Women of 30% by 2000, made no comment about Obama’s Cabinet with less than 20% women, and, along with her husband, accepts CEOs with salaries 500-2500 time the average (male) worker, without comment or objection, Hillary perceived her mother to be far less powerful than her father, and lets her once philandering husband and “powerful” CEO patriarchs dictate her course and timing, which is now, too late, until she overcomes her internalized patriarchy and publically insists on 5050. Michelle Shields Robinson Obama clearly admired her father more than her mother, and was closer to him. She exhorts us to help military families, but doesn’t tell us that the US is the only one of 178 countries that doesn’ t have paid family leave, let alone the three years that German women have. As First Lady, she enjoys great status. But American black women are fairing the very worst in the US hierarchy, and Michelle (as her husband) has not openly advocated for 5050 and full minority representation on their behalf, for this election. Unlike Sylviane Agacinski in France, Sonia Gandhi of India, and Julie Morgan of Wales and the Women of Sweden and Rwanda who inspired their husbands and men in leadership to enact gender parity, both Hillary and Michelle could not overcome their internalized patriarchy enough to do this , even though they enjoy high status. As role models, they are misleading 150 million Americans to hesitate to insist on dangerously overdue gender parity.A relative handful of token corporate women achieve a token high status amidst mostly male Boards of Directors, and instead of asking for 40% or 5050 in the Corporate Executive with caps on salaries as exists and is being actively discussed in Europe , these women identify with male role models and fail to ask for the family leave work and family balance for themselves (Marissa Mayer) or their female employees. Essentially, the Democrats/(Dempublicans at top who rule the party), have become the lying seductive unfaithful boyfriends (I won’t dignify them by calling them husbands), while the Republican have become the rapists of women’s rights. Is that what women should choose between for themselves and their daughters?

That’s what happened to a culture that delays on gender parity for so long. Amny Siskind of the New Agenda rightfully calls it Gender Armageddon, and although she hasn’t said it yet, we will here: it is the underlying precursor and cause to a bloody Armageddon power-drunk men with nuclear weapons and environmental Armageddon, which occurs when women are silenced and marginalized. Some large women’s organization heads also enjoy pretty hefty salaries, and collect dues from other women to pay themselves, while never standing up for gender parity as an urgently overdue necessity, which achieved, might diminish their status as spokespersons, or even put them out of business. Have large women’s organizations become like middle managers who block rather than assist change? One doesn’ t like to think that powerful men patriarchs and oligarchs deliberately infiltrated the women’s movement with covert betrayers. We are not conspiracy theorists, but there is no way to know. Some womens’ organizations have many women in them who were sexually abused, raped by husbands or fathers, and may be so overfocussed on reproductive protection that they cannot focus on anything else, even it would help their unicause. But in any case, in the 12 midnight year of the new Millennium, women’s “leaders” who cannot find the strength to say Gender Parity Now, need to go on Sabbatical immediately, and acknowledge they are doing something very different from what Nordic, European, African, Indian and many Latin American women, including First Spouses, have done already. Their hesitations and self-induced clinging acceptance of patriarchy instead of balance is endangering the whole world, even themselves and their husbands, because it is an outmoded, immanently unsustainable paradigm.

Before the Taliban, women in Aghanistan represented about 50% of the medical doctors and 40% of the government officials. So, [when] a meeting was set up of the warlords to determine who would be in the transitional government, …A U.N. official told me that eventually one of the warlords said, “All right. We’ll have the same percentage of women as there are in the U.S. Congress., the the Dempublican level of representation of women in Congress is the perfect co-optation for Corporate warlords and tokenization of women, to keep other women in line and misled, by specially privileged “leading” women, away from asking for their due, full representation. It is the lead-up to a return to overt and unreformed patriachy, when the Earth simply can’t take it anymore, and will cause Nature to turn on humanity itself if this is allowed and legitimiized. These women, coopted and fearful of men under the surface, are directly misleading and disempowering other women from 5050, in order to maintain their own special status as “leaders”, and have become identified with the aggressor. In some families, older children dominate younger children, because older children, who most intensely feel the power imbalance of parents, often identify more with fathers than mothers. Because of their greater comfort with controlling other, some rise to the leadership of organizations. Some of these women may also have that problem, too, as do the women, some too adjusted to a younger sibling role who follow them blindly. These are very dangerous women

Too Many American Women (and Men) have not Discovered the Goddess, the Spiritual Aspect of Female (and Wholistic Male) Empowerment
The Hindu culture, with its 800 million people, female and male, (about 3 times the population as the US) has a GoddessGod concept of the Universe. They have 5050 and full minority representation in every village, and started this officially in 1993. The Chinese have Yin-Yang and Quan Yin/Tara. but the Chinese Revolution was male-dominated, and, impacted by the influential US, they are choosing money over social well-being, but that would change if the US set a better model In fact, all religions are recovering a concept of the Divine Eternal Feminine. Christians have rediscovered both Mary Magdalen and Mary the Madonna in a new way, and Jews have rediscovered the Shekinah. But many American religions have become retarded in this rediscovery of what ancient civilizations knew, and for a much longer period, than patriarchal religions. Most Americans were raised in the Christian faith, but do not practice Jesus and Mary Magdalen’s teachings that female and male are equal in importance and spiritual endowment, because long ago, Christianity was co-opted into becoming a state religion of patriarchal emperors, and then adopted practices of male domination. Still, large numbers of Americans of all religious heritages have rediscoverd the Goddess aspect of the Eternal Force via books like Merlin Stone’s When God was a Woman, and films like the Goddess Remembered, about long lasting ancient cultures that worshipped the Goddess. Yet, ironically, very few of our organizational or political women (and men) have the courage to speak of it, even though Elizabeth Cady Stanton who first demanded the vote, started the process in the with the Woman’s Bible in the 1800s. The Statue of LIberty is a depiction of the Goddess aspect of the Almighty, critically necessary for democracy and the well being of humanity. Yet, surprisingly few Americans grasp and talk about that. It is a case of selective inattention, and even denial, of what is so obviously apparent yet simultaneously invisibilized and silenced, like the last scene of Planet of the Apes, where the woman is incapable of speech, and leaving the anguished man alone to deal with the results of men’s aggressive instincts with no saving female voice or balance.

The Sociological Community – The Role of the CEOs and Media, especially Women in the Media in Perpetuating World-Threatening Patriarchy
Riane Eisler whose book The Chalice and the Blade was deemed by anthropologist Ashley Montagu the most important since Darwin’s Origin of the Species, and Marilyn Waring, author of If Women Counted, the most important world leaders and writers of the late twentieth century and New Millennium, have never been on US TV. US Corporate TV and its highest Content Censors are still overwhelmingly mostly overpaid male and often sit on boards of banks and other large corporations, with a few tokenized females. But many female journalist reporters have also been making the mistakes of ignoring the advances of many examples in the world toward and reaching 5050, full family leave, universal health care, adherence to women’s and environmental treaties of the UN, for a long time now, and not making any mention of gender imbalance, and domestic violence against women, as underlying causes, when they report on civil wars and war culture. These women, almost like the self-centered Ted Knight character on the old Mary Tyler Moore show, have somehow kept themselves ignorant of progress occurring all around the world, almost everywhere, but here.

Several years ago, I contacted a woman journalist who was a high schoolmate of mine who I had not seen in many years but who once knew me pretty well, who was very active in covering the races of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, to visit the website, and meet with me to discuss women and the media. Apparently enamored of her high salary and the status she receives as a nationally syndicated reporter, she told me she was too busy to look at the website and not interested, and rejected several invitations to meet. I sent her emails, which she ignored. I gave up. While some women journalists have begun to surface the lack of US women’s representation as a problem, this journalist still writes her daily blogs and makes TV appearances without mentioning it, let alone presenting it as a causative factor in the ills of the US and world. She is practicing selective inattention and denial, and I have concluded she, like many women, preferred her Daddy to her Mommy, and just won’t grow up. Laura Flanders, who herself still needs to do more on the issue, exposed the role of Christiane Amanpour of censoring in order to please male media bosses, in her interview with Eygptian feminist Revolutionary, Naddal el Sadawi. This is not just true of US TV, When progressive Tom Hartmann did a segment showing Desmond Tutu at the Davos Economic Summit calling for a Revolution by the world’s women, he asked his station mate on RT, Lauren Lister, who reports on economic issues, her opinion. She almost ignored the question, and went on to pratttle on about the opinions of male economists who were taking no note of women’s contributions to world wealth. She clearly never heard or ignores the works of Marilyn Waring, Hazel Henderson, Bernard Lietaer who has spoken of the need to bring the Divine Feminine into economics, or the Genuine Progress Indicator. Did Lauren Lister feel her father was more powerful and identify with him more than her mother? Is RT headed in the same direction as US TV. Alyona, another woman on the Channel, recently had her show cancelled.Although she commented progressively on many issues, Alyona never once spoke of gender parity. Did this ommission come back to haunt her? Russia, like the US, has a dysfunctional women’s movement, very accepting of patiarchy, with minor outbursts like Pink Lady but no demand for gender parity. As a result, Russia is ruled by a few powerful men and Corporations, and like the US, ranks very low on representation of women, and is severely endangering its own environment. The problem is not completely unique to the US, but the US is at the center of it, as it is the most influential culture in the world. If we don’t change our ways now (and we only have two months left to do so), Russia and China won’t either, and there you have it, the end of the Planet Earth. Women TV journalists who aren’t whistleblowing about the CEOs salaries and their editorial control of their own industry and aren’t taliking about gender parity and the counting of eomen’s paid and unpaid work both, and the value of Nature and Peace, in every broadcast about this “Election” and every broadcast about the “Economy”, are very very Dangerous Women, the most Dangerous Women of All by their daily sins of ommission.

These tendencies also exist in many workplaces. The females may make up large percentages of the staff, but they are poorly paid, while their male CEOs earn millions. For reasons pertaining to the psychological disempowerment described above, these women do not act as Norma Rae did, do not stand up with the courage of one, that leads to the ability organize to go on strike, fearing they will not be able to remain employed, and gain the needed funds to support their children, Ironically, this passivity now directly threatens their children’s rights to a livable Planet.

Given this psychological and sociological vise of internalized and socially reinforced patriarchy, too many American women are engaging in practices which reveal their status as second class citizens, disempowering themselves but also disempowering other women, mostly to fit in with men they perceive as powerful. It is a self=fulfilling prophecy to reinstall full force patriarchy in the form of Big Brother, that will quickly destroy (and be destroyed) by the Earth.
Scores of studies show that women are tougher on women than men are; that women treat female leaders with less respect and support than they do male leaders; that women tend to reject work submitted by other women twice as many times than the same work submitted by men. Is this also occurring in the willingness to accept “government work” by men. Are some women having trouble respecting themselves and each other enough to call for overdue gender parity? This is the most dangerous level for this tendency to occur, it is a destroyer of democracy, and ultimately, NOW, a destroyer of humanity and the Earth. It makes everyday American women, who mindlessly accept an imbalanced election withour respecting themselves and other women enough to call for parity NOW, very dangerous women. Armed with a pseudovote that will disempower themselves disempower each other, overempower the most sociopathic of men, and dangerous.

The lag in achieving gender parity in the US has devastating effects on women and girls. It is like a hologram or a hydraulic pump, failure at the “top” of the society – the level or representational government – causes failures at the “lower’ levels of society: more wife abuse and domestic violence, more rape, more sexual trafficking and female slavery, low self esteem in girls especially teenagers, and in other countries, reinvigorates fundamentalist misogyny, the forced wearing of the veil, (too often promoted by patriarchy habituated women in some places), sweat shops, the return to preventing women from attending school. It also causes the most dominating men to rise to the “top” coopting and also oppressing the greater mass of men, who are increasingly forced to live at economic bottoms as well. Women who take a pass on focussing on gender parity, whether intentionally or not, have become not only their own, but, along with men who also ignore gender parity, their own, everyone elses and the world’s worst enemy. Everyone knows the phrase “Evil flourishes when good men do nothing.” In the New Millennium which must be a transformation or will die, women (and men) who cannot focus on gender parity now, at all levels, wittingly or not, have become the Plenet’s worst enemy.
“What all this suggests: Even as most women feel strongly about championing their own cause, they may also be undermining their cause in somewhat subtle ways (see this book and this Time article for related views). If so, an important element in the women’s movement would be to recognize this tendency explicitly, and to find ways of overcoming it.”

Therefore, we propose the following ways of “overcoming this tendency” , in a REvolutionary Way:

1.Spread the REvolutionary Declarations born of those Women (supported by men) of the Occupy Movement/Independent Progressive Women, that have publically Declared and Demanded gender parity/5050 gender balance. and one to help the Occupy Movement really fulfill its goals at

2. Demand a Constitutional Convention in 2013 that is Gender Balanced (and minority representative) and income representative

3. Boycott the “Election” (this is very hard for many women; they are so afraid of Romney-Ryan that they don’t face that the “election: will bring in so many\par Republicans, elected by an ill-informed electorate, that their rights will be destroyed anyway, no matter who “wins” the Presidential auction. At least don’t engage in selective inattention and denial about this. At least pressure Biden to resign, and give his candidacy fo a woman; many women are not voting or voting for Roseanne Barr and Cindy Sheehan, or Jill Stein and Cheri Honkela, Obama and many Democrats will almost certainly lose without a woman on his ticket and public commitment to gender parity. Prepare yourself to renounce the election with active marches, sit-ins, protests, consumer boycotts and strikes, especially if (we believe, when) Romney “wins”.

Several Boycotters are women: Terri Li who got it going, Kate of Kate-Will-Revolt, Rita Winter, Wendy McElroy and Rajchelle OneFamily Miller, AThere links are available at
Two Boycotters, a woman, Rachelle OneFamily Miller and a man, Bahram Maskanian, an environmentalist, have indicated the lack of women candidates with public funding/patriarchal immanent endangerment of the Planet as the main or a major reason to rebel, and there are certainl many more related to ity:

4. Turn Off You Television and alert journalists you will not watch any TV until they individually and collectively cover the need for gender parity NOW, for this “election”.

5. Make calls to Media CEOs office and tell them that as far as you are concerned, they are fired. Send them, and any corporate crediitors Invoices fot what they owe you, all women and the world.

6. Reduce spending and engage in a consumption Lysistrata (the website is a little out of date; Use a standard of 5050 for US corporations) until gender parity is achieved. If you engage in a March or protest, put “5050 Representation NOW” or “Gender Parity NOW” and “Balance Love and Work” on your sign.

7.If you are married or dating and your husband or boyfriend, or brother, or father, has done nothing to help women gain parity, give him a copy of and warn him clearly that that lack of women in office will cause economic collapse, environmental collapse, famine and eventually world war.

8. Guard yourself against “women’s worst enemies are ourselves” tendencies to isolate, delay or undermine women who are working on gender parity. Support anyone, male or female who is working on gender parity. Gender Parity is the only way to Save the Earth.

9. Remember that family work balance and economic indices like the GPI (Genuine Progress Indicator) are also gender balance. Print out and use GPI symbolic money that you use with every, or simply use drymark to a female sign (circle with cross under it) next to the lone male pictured on US Bills, at every transaction. Tell the cashier why and tell them to show their employers, and tell them you are engaging in a consumption slowdown until gender parity/5050 gender balance is achieved

10, Kindly but firmly temporarily Retire (tell them you do not feel they are leading the way women in Europe and Africa are and this is not acceptable) Women (and fire/resign Men) Women “Leaders” and Journalists who don’t focus on gender parity NOW., including presentation of all the places in the world that already have 5050 and where women (and men) are demanding it. Call Women Leaders who are unable to address this publically, “Co-Presidents Emeritus”, but replace them by telling them to take a Sabbatical, and find leaders for these times/become one yourself, ready to focus on gender parity NOW, and call yourself a Co-President or Co-Secrerary General. If you are a member of a woman’s organization, demand that their website prominently display the fact and link that in the 92nd year since women were “granted” the vote, the US ranks 92nd (counting ties) in representation of women/balance of gender, less than Iraq, Afghanistan and the United Arab Emirates, and not one major politician or their wife has even mentioned it, and dangerously are note focussing on it. Their members have a right to know this.

We are sympathetic to the effects of Millennia of Patrarchy on Women, even on once thought now so-called Women’s Leaders. It does slow them down and makes them their own and toher women’s worst enemies. But NOW THE WHOLE PLANET IS AT STAKE. Instead of laying down like someone waiting to be raped and letting her daughter be raped, too, and accepting the regressing status quo, millions of American Progressive and Independent women will be Just Saying No to Both Major Parties, and millions will not vote, by choice. Say to those so willing to say yes to the first and second man who comes along, that We, the Women of America, are the Real Presidents and CoPresidents (without Vice), and this time, no men only need apply.

11.. Learn about the Goddess, as she is emerging in Buddhism, Christianity, Judaism, native and Earth religions, and has always existed in Hinduism, and realize if you are a woman, you have strong aspects of the Goddess, embody the Statue of Liberty, and men who care about women in their efforts at humankindness and fairness, are also blessed by this Aspect of the Almighty, indeed, both Aspects too because the Male Aspect of the Almighty was never a Sexist, and has always appreciated and fully Valued as Equally Important, the Goddess Aspect.

For a More Concise Version of
Eleven Reaons Why to Boycott
and Eleven Ways How To Boycorr


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