Declaration of REvolutionary Transformation of US National Region and all National Regions of Planet Earth into FamilyCommunity True Government

Declaration of REvolutionary Transformation of the US National Region of the Planet Earth into FamilyCommunity True Government

The right of gender balanced democratic and fully representative government is an Endowed Inalienable Human Right, Endowed by the Creator~Universal Nature, Who has both Female and Male Interactive Presence and Process, and desires true Sisterhood as well as true Brotherhood for the Planetary Human Family~Community.The local, regional, State and National Regional Governments of what was called the United States, as a region of a Planet that requires both genders, female and male, to sustain itself as a living system, will establish gender balanced presence (50-50 female and male) in all decision-making bodies.

The Executive shall be gender balanced, comprised of four rotating Partner Co-Presidents also called National Regional Co-Secretary Generals (similar to Prime Ministers/Presidents but using the name Co-Secretary Generals. as in all other national regions), two female and two male, drawn from the Legislature, and their terms shall be limited and rotate among all the members of the National Regional Congress, the Cabinet shall act as a Community responsible to all communities, and shall be gender balanced, the Congressional House of Representatives shall be gender balanced, with one women and one man from each district (and the district lines be reviewed by gender balanced commissions), and actually draw its members directly from all parties, town, city, county, village in that district which shall be gender balanced with gender balanced co-facilitation and called bodies of village or city Co-Secretary Generals, the Senate of the Congress shall be gender balanced, with one woman and one man from Each State Region, which shall draw its members directly from all parties, town, city, county, village in that district which shall be gender balanced with gender balanced co-facilitation and called bodies of village or city Co-Secretary Generals, and all licensed corporate boards shall be gender balanced and representatively racially diverse, with Four Co-Executives, two female and two male as Presiding Officers, and gender representative ethical oversight council for the corporation as a circle, held directly responsible to all the people. Finally, we emphasize that the national regional Legislature. the Congress, will be drawn from the basic Circles of Government, the city, community and village levels, which shall recommend representatives for all circles of levels of state/provincial and national regional government, and the city, community and village levels shall all be called Village Co-Secretary Generals. Thus, there is no hierarchy between village and global governance, and the larger regional levels they will comprise, and all are equal, and derived from the community or village circle.

There will be local, state and national referendum allowed, as these are inherently gender balanced. Election Commissions shall be gender balanced, and the decision to use paper or machine ballots will be decided by the entire population, which is gender balanced. The Supreme Court, if the people decide by referendum that it shall be maintained, shall be gender balanced and representatively racially diverse, and nominated by the gender balanced Co-Presidents and confirmed by the gender balanced Congress by a two/thirds vote. All judiciaries shall be gender balanced and representatively racially diverse, and judges shall be elected, and use conflict resolution and reparative approaches. A decision of the Supreme Court, it the people by referendum decide it shall be maintained at all, can be overturned by a 2/3 vote of a national referendum.

The freedom of the press for both genders shall be guaranteed by assuring that all corporate boards, including and especially media, including Internet Corporations, are gender balanced and representatively racially diverse, and subject to ethical oversight by stockandstakeholder committees which are gender balanced and responsible to all the people, and editorial staffs as well as reporter staffs are gender balanced and representatively racially diverse, and election coverage in the media will be free, and include equal access for all candidates at all levels of elections.

Minorities including indigenous people will be assured affirmative active outreach to assure their presence in the population is achieved in all representative and decision-making bodies.

All elections shall be publically funded

Any elections held without these REvolutionary rules will be declared null and void by the American people and the world. and the Planetary living ecosystem, observing the election.

The United States National Region and all its Financial Corporations (as those of all Nations, shall use a currency based on the Genuine Progress Indicator, updated to include the value of unpaid work in the home and community to protect the environment and peace, which is disproportionately done by women, and and indicator of balance of gender in decision-making, that shall eventually be merged with those of all regions, into a tender which is actually just a reminder of gender balance, the balance of love and work and natural interconnection, and synergistically results in the elimination of all money, and allows all to share real wealth, instead of the false hoarded wealth, which is an illusion that resulted from gender and related false hierarchies, that did not include the work of women, especially, the work done in family and community by both women and men, and value of Nature. All this reminder tender shall depict the Tree of Love and Life with the Earth at the Center and surrounded by the Sun. Moon, other Planets and Stars, female and male faces of all races, and bear the words, In the Universal GoddessGod We Trust.

The Armed Forces of the United States National Region will be deployed with the most uptodate but nonlethal weapons, and may be deployed, in conjunction with those of the gender balanced People’s United Nations-Interparliamentary Union become to be renamed the United FamilyCommunity of the Planet Earth, to educate all men on the importance of women’s presence in decision-making, and protect all the women and children of the world from domination, domestic abuse, and prevention of freedom of movement, access to transportation, and direct access to the Internet.

Note: This shall not be construed to prevent an any interim provisional transitional government in which women brieflly comprise the great majority if that is necessary as a preliminary step to call forth enough men who will publically endorse and act as representatives in gender balanced bodies.It shall be understood that all people on Earth, and especially those in the United States, which is a melting pot of all origins, are related a surprisingly few generations back, and are in fact, distant cousins and spiritual Sisters and Brothers in a circle, because their parents or other relations are or were cousins as well as Sisters and Brothers in the same interconnected circle, whether large or small, and all people are related. Every person shall strive to know the names, including unmarried names of women , in their family trees back to at least three generations and much further back if possible to ancient days, and reenvision all these females, and the males of their family trees, as if they had been considered equal in all status, including political, with all people on Earth during their lifetimes, and shall consider them to have been their intergenerational Sisters and Brothers, wherever on Earth they lived, uniting the US National Region with its human herandhistory of origins and migrations on the Planet Earth.

It is a task of the national Regional legislature to assist the United States in learning a universal language for planet Earth, such as Esperanto, which shall not replace but accompany the English language, which shall also be preserved in the National Region and as a world language, but now also connected non-hierarchically with a Universal language drawn from all languages, to be also used in all the National Regions of Earth.

Note: This Declaration was Delivered  by Dr. Rajchelle OneFamily Miller, a woman of the Occupy Movement, on July 1st  and July 4th 2012 in Washington DC~Maryland.  It  is a shorter version derived  from an original precursor Declaration: Universal Declaration of Gender Interdependence in Balance for Good Government, a model for all nations. Declared in time for EarthDay 2002

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